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What We Do

Engagement Coordination

Olympia Pharmacy seamlessly connects health care across three key areas: data and technology, engagement, and holistic care. Find out how synchronized care can make a difference in the everyday lives of you and your family.

Specialty Pharmacy

Our care management system takes a holistic approach to helping members manage their complex conditions and medications. Managing both the care and cost of specialty therapy provides real benefits — members live healthier lives and save money.

Decrease Total Cost

Our programs help manage specialty medications, drive generic and preferred brand utilization, and manage the supply chain for ingredient cost savings through improved pricing.

Pharmacy Care

As a pharmacy care services company, Olympia Pharmacy goes beyond traditional pharmacy benefit management.

We leverage analytics with the most important healthcare faculty of pharmacy and pain management to impact overall health where it matters most: The lives of you and your family.

Who is Olympia Pharmacy?


Our Philosophy

Olympia Pharmacy puts in collective efforts to provide professional and friendly service while educating patients about their medication and disease status.

We strive to meet the needs and specifications of all our clientele through keeping expertise and professionalism in our daily operations as pharmacists.

It’s All About People

We see ourselves to be an outstanding pharmacy services provider. We believe that with true effort and a focus for excellence, we can attain this vision.

While we are equipped with the supplies, compounding capabilities and facilities to offer profound services to this community, our heart is for the wonderful people we are honored to serve.


Men’s Health

Our programs help manage specialty medications for ED, drive generic and preferred brand utilization, and manage the supply chain for ingredient cost savings through improved pricing.

Other Services


Vaccinations can prevent dangerous and deadly diseases such as the Flu virus, Smallpox, Polio, and Measles. Not only do they also protect our children but they protect our grandchildren and future generations. They work best when most people in the community get vaccinated. Do not take your health for granted. The Affordable Care Act requires new health plans to cover preventive services and eliminates cost sharing.


Diabetes is a personal but complex disease that requires daily self- management. Diabetic patients must monitor their food intake, exercise and physical activity, medications and their effect on blood sugar levels, as well as monitoring blood glucose levels several times in a day. Diabetes Education helps you understand your disease and provide you with the knowledge to successfully manage your diabetes.


MTM is a service provided by pharmacists designed to optimize the therapeutic outcomes for individual patients. The goal of these services is to make sure that the medication prescribed for the patient, is right for the patient’s health condition and the best possible outcome is achieved from treatment. Our MTM trained pharmacists, will review your prescribed and non prescribed medications including herbals and supplements to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

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